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Report Card Time – How Are You Tracking..…

Posted in Articles by coachdeclute on February 25, 2011

Are you still in school, full or part-time, or are the days of those scholastic report cards a fond or scary memory? In every phase of life there are report cards. They just take different forms as we move through each chapter. They may be about learning new skills, starting a new job, learning a new role as a mother, father or mentor, improving our health and fitness, or fostering our relationships – to name just a few. In all aspects of life and in every chapter, our report card or measure of how we are doing is a big part of who we are and what makes our life fulfilling.

So what does your report card for the first sixth of 2011 look like? Are you achieving A’s and B’s or is it time to kick into high gear to make the grade?

If there is a need to improve your marks the following Five Steps will get you moving in the right direction quickly:

Step #1


Start by asking the why, what, who, when, where and how questions. Take a moment to reflect on the people, the processes and the plan you have for this year.  By evaluating available information, you will fully understand the state of affairs and the strategy needed to make the changes necessary, to ensure you achieve your plan!

Step #2


After this evaluation, make a list of every opportunity and every challenge you have for getting things on track. Also note all the people who can make a difference. Engage with them. Paint the vision of the future together and then brainstorm all of the possible tactics that will make a difference. Get consensus on the priorities and work with it until everyone is on board. Whether you are a solopreneur relying on outside contractors, the owner of a larger entrepreneurial business, a manager in a corporation, or part of a family unit it is essential that everyone is consulted and on board.

Step #3


From the brainstorming process you will have decided the priorities. Now decide on the actions and who can best direct and ensure successful completion of these actions. Then take those actions and under the direction of the appointed leader break them down into small steps that can be delegated and easily monitored.  All these little steps must be realistic, measurable and time specific.

Step #4


Our success depends on effective communication. Communicating on a timely basis and listening carefully to everyone who is part of the process is important and will keep the energy and life in the plan. Get face to face as often as possible. Efficient use of time sometimes dictates the use of electronic communication but it cannot replace the value of face to face connecting or a simple telephone call to share and ask for feedback.

Step #5


All of the above four steps are critical to success but one of the most important is getting into action. Decisions must be executed to get results so make sure you and everyone on the Team are “walking the talk”! The meetings and plans must inspire and instill passion to get everyone in action to make the grade.


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