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Kick off 2011 Feeling Gracious and Grateful……

Posted in Articles by coachdeclute on January 25, 2011

Every day it is important to let your family, friends, business associates and clients know how grateful you are for their love, friendship and loyalty. Often we go through our days working too much, rushing with activities and scrambling to get everything done that is on our TODO list. Too infrequently taking a moment to pause, breathe and be grateful for all of the wonderful people who enrich our life every day.

Here are FOUR steps that will enhance your life immensely:

Step #1

  • Take a moment to reflect on the people in your life who make you happy and continually contribute to your success.  Consider the following –
    • Do you think they know how important they are to you?
    • Have you said thank you recently?
    • Have you told them that you love them or if more appropriate, appreciate them?
    • Have you taken the time to stop and talk to them, send them a note or email them a little word of thanks or encouragement, as the situation may dictate?

Step #2

  • After this time spent reflecting, make a list of every person who crossed your mind.  Every person who you are truly grateful to know –
    • Categorize the list into groupings that make sense in your world. It could be simply family/ friends/ clients or more refined groupings – just as long as it feels right to you.
    • Make a plan for communicating with them in 2011. Decide on the timing for each group and each person in the group and decide on a way of being accountable to this plan.

Step #3

  • Every day the first thing on your TODO list will be “The good feeling of being gracious and grateful!” –
    • Graciously communicate your appreciation every day
    • As well as doing this according to the plan you devised in Step #2, embrace this as a way of being
    • Everyone you encounter will feel important, feel good about themselves and happy about their relationship with you

Step #4

  • Enjoy feeling grateful. Relish in this emotion.
    • Some people like to keep a gratitude journal and others like to keep a feel good file. Devise your own way of reinforcing this important component of life.
    • Graciously acknowledge those words, of praise and thanks, expressed to you by others.
    • No surprise here – good things happen.  You and those around you will have more and more to be grateful for!

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