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Here Comes 2011…

Posted in Articles by coachdeclute on December 14, 2010

The final days of 2010 are here. It is a time to reflect on your successes, learn from your misses and finalize your plans for 2011.

Over the past months I have talked about the dreaming part of planning for your future, about putting dreams on vision boards, about visualizing you playing the leading role in that future. I have also talked about the importance of paying attention to your money and the extra challenge of establishing BOLD goals.

It is exhilarating now, when reflecting on the past year, to see your progress and relish in your accomplishments!

So first let’s wrap up 2010. Do you know your numbers?

Such as:

–       your income

–       your expenses

–       your bottom line

–       your assets

–       your liabilities

–       your net worth

Beyond that, you also need to know how it compares to the previous year and how it compared to your expectations. Knowing your numbers is critical to achieving your long term financial freedom!

Pull all the pieces together. Track down anything that is missing. Wrap all of it up with a big red bow! If needed set the date to meet with your accountant. How wonderful it will feel to finalize your year ended 2010, in January, instead of leaving it in the shoebox until April when the tax man cometh!

What freedom this will represent. You will know everything you need to know, from a financial perspective, about the year gone by. You will be able to concentrate on the goals for the year at hand.

Next review your personal goals for the year gone by. Reflect on and enjoy your achievements and give consideration to your shortfalls.

–       Were the goals realistic?

–       Did your achievements enrich your life?

–       Do you feel happy and content?

–       Are you feeling fulfilled and grateful?

–       What would you change if you could?

This is a good place to be and without a doubt the basis for setting your personal goals for the year ahead. Pat yourself on the back for the achievements and happiness they created and wrap it up with a big red bow too!

Now let’s look to the future – time to put the finishing touches on your plan for 2011.

With your vision board or other planning medium in front of you (and depending on your stage in life, that could be a 1 year, 3 year, 5 year or 10 year vision)   plan out the next 12 months.

–       What are the important elements and what do you want the year to look like?

–       What would make it seem more realistic?

–       Should the financial part be tweaked in any way?

–       What do you want or need to do, to see forward movement that ensures achievement of your longer term goals?

–       What are the small steps that will help you measure your progress throughout the year?

–       Have you shared the plan with your partner or other significant persons in your life?

–       What would make you feel totally committed to this plan?

Fine tune the financial part until it feels absolutely right – challenging enough but also achievable!

Then fine tune your personal goals. These are the goals that lead to enjoying good health, good friendships, good family ties and a sense of satisfaction, fulfillment and well being.

It is important to be happily engaged in life. This includes finding the right balance between your commitment to personal and business goals. Intuitively, we sense when we are not in balance. We know that we need to massage our plan to keep the overall picture on an even keel…..never hesitate to change things up a bit. To use an old cliché “Life is not a dress rehearsal!”


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