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The Timeless Value of Travel

Posted in Articles by coachdeclute on November 30, 2010

For some of you, this header will conjure up enduring memories of fabulous vacations you have enjoyed in your life.

Perhaps it was –

  • A lengthy or unusual journey to a far away place
  • An exhilarating adventure that you had always dreamed of doing
  • Beautiful unfamiliar landscapes
  • New friendships

Some of you may have had the pleasure of working internationally –

  • Wonderful to experience and get to know another culture
  • Become lifelong friends with some of your foreign business peers
  • Have everlasting global experience to share
  • Enjoy the opportunity of vacation in other nearby countries

I believe that big and small trips enhance our life equally. One of the things we can do, that is very rewarding, is to pique our curiosity as often as possible.

Small frequent trips do this. They are at our finger tips and usually inexpensive!

If you live in a large city, just take a minute to think about wandering to a bordering neighbourhood.

  • It is easy and accessible
  • You can walk, bicycle or take public transit
  • You can enjoy a multitude of interesting events and attractions.
  • You might come across a game of bocce ball or a rugby match or a music concert or a funky little antique store.

My favourite is to walk or bicycle. You are able to see so much more along the way, have the freedom to stop whenever you want, as well as get the bonus of some exercise!

If you live in a small village or in the countryside, consider a journey to the other villages that are a short drive away. Often there will be

  • A Saturday market
  • Seasonal festivals
  • A field of fresh corn or blueberries for the picking
  • A country fair that is fun for everyone.

Whether a city, village or country dweller, another “age old” possibility is making plans for a Sunday drive and family picnic. This can be even more fun if you seek out new locations each time –

  • perhaps along a grassy river bank one day
  • a waterfront park another
  • the slopes of a ski hill the next.

If you have children all of these small trips will teach them about exploring.

  • Learning about the world around them
  • Being curious about seeking new opportunities
  • Understanding the fun of new adventures

It is also wonderful to include elderly parents or friends when planning these small trips. They may not be able to do the big trips anymore and will appreciate your company and the adventure of a small trip too!

Finding time to enjoy some of the simpler things in life is so fulfilling. Often it influences our happiness most and creates our best everlasting memories.


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