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How Cool is Your Retirement Plan…

Posted in Articles by coachdeclute on November 2, 2010

The transition to retirement can be one of the most challenging transitions in life! In today’s world the variety of approaches is endless. It is unbelievably important to do it your way – a way that fits with you on every level – mental, financial, spiritual, physical and emotional!

It seems trite to say, but retirement is too important to leave to chance and I am not just referring to financial chance!

Like most worthwhile things it requires a big picture plan. Get out the vision board and make that board a big one!

As you get closer to this stage sometimes you feel tired, a bit worn down and so perhaps attracted to the notion of:

  • free time
  • no set daily schedule
  • no commitments
  • no one to report to
  • no need to do anything but what we wish
  • one big holiday

Then all of a sudden you may be hit by a tidal wave. You are there and feeling a bit lost. What the heck happened to your important career, your status, your life of challenges and responsibilities? What now? What is the meaning of this new phase in life?

Whether you are viewing retirement from a bit of a distance or are in the midst of this transition now, you are in control and you can make it what you want.

This could be the longest phase of your life so let’s look forward not back!

As I said earlier get out the vision board and start to put the picture in place

  • What is it you want to move toward in this next phase?
  • Where do you want to live?
  • What about your wife, children, grandchildren and perhaps elderly parents?
  • Do you see another career or business as part of the picture?
  • Would that be part-time or full-time?
  • Do you see volunteer and philanthropic activities providing fulfillment?
  • Where and how much do you want to travel?
  • Do you want to focus more on your fitness and health?
  • Do you want to take up new activities – golf, skiing, bicycling, bridge, Sudoku, cross-word puzzles or spinning?
  • What about friends and associates?

The list will go on and on, as you consider the ideal picture and the stepping stones you need, for getting from here to there!

It is natural that there will be a little bit of fear thrown in there too. Once again, transitions mean change and that means stepping out of our comfort zone! You have done it many times before so draw on those experiences and move forward with confidence. Make this the best plan yet!


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