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How Balanced Does Your Life Feel Right Now…

Posted in Articles by coachdeclute on October 19, 2010

Whew take a breath! Have you been on the run juggling all the balls with your adrenaline pumped sky high? Excited, exhilarated, in awe of your life and all the fabulous experiences but a bit scared too….

Does the month ahead look something like this:

•    A business trip to China for 10 days
•    Deadline looming for presentation to the Board of Directors for the annual business plan for your department
•    A commitment to help direct the school Christmas play for your daughter’s class. Content and participants still to be decided at a meeting early in November
•    A need to carve out time to research facilities for ailing parents who can no longer live independently
•    Interviewing for a new administrative assistant
•    Spouses important birthday party to organize for the 25th of November
•    Another 5 day business trip to the west coast in December and a shorter one to New York as well – both entail a major client presentation and a little fun if there is snow in BC by then
•    Important clients to entertain over the holiday season
•    A much needed and overdo family holiday to Hawaii yet to be organized for Christmas break

Or perhaps something like this:

•    Orientation meetings with two great new clients on Monday
•    Teaching assistant at your community school on Tuesday
•    Swimming class Tuesday night
•    Interviewing candidates for your new nanny or alternatively finding a good flexible daycare solution by mid November
•    Client meetings all day Wednesday in Montreal followed by dinner and a late flight home
•    Volunteer time at the Out of the Cold program on Thursday mornings
•    Hockey practice, ballet and yoga classes on Thursday after school
•    A need to research facilities for an aging parent who can no longer live independently – time is of the essence
•    Client meetings all day Friday
•    Client dinner on Friday evening
•    Social events to organize for friends, family and clients over the holiday season
•    Saturday hockey game
•    Sunday swimming classes and hosting family dinner
•    Speech to write and deliver next Wednesday on the Quarterly Forecast for Consumer Spending
•    Christmas Vacation to organize

There are many of us living in the fast lane. It can be exciting, exhilarating and yes ……… exhausting too. It is challenging to sort out and keep some balance in the mix of things, between our personal and business life. Perhaps we are trying to grow an entrepreneurial venture or flourish in the equally demanding corporate environment. With or without a family we often have too many responsibilities and overwhelming demands on our time.

Sometimes referred to as the “sandwich generation” there are many of us coping with parents we love and want to help and our very precious children who need our focused and committed time….our time dancing in the moment with them. This makes for a pretty full non-career related schedule without a doubt!

And then when do we find time to stay fit, prepare and eat proper meals, nourish our minds, keep our curiosity fed and our spirits soaring? Hmmmmm  – just remember that our own health is primary to our ability to fill all of the roles in our life. Without maximizing our health we cannot live and help others live to their full potential.

It may be necessary to really get in touch with this important part of life. It may take a commitment like none other you have made. It may take the assistance of a personal trainer and the help of other support systems such as a nanny, a house cleaning service, a personal assistant or a part time chef. In all of our lives there are many variables and we must assess the rewards and happiness associated with each.

Living in the fast lane can be fun but we must be sure we are not compromising our health and our authenticity and fulfillment in life.  After all as they say “this is not a dress rehearsal”!!


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