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The Joy of Job Satisfaction…

Posted in Articles by coachdeclute on October 5, 2010

Fortunate are those who love their job. It has always been my belief that the minute you start to resent getting out of bed to head to your place of employment, is the minute you must stop and take time to consider your options. Regardless of your history with the company, life is too short to wake up dreading the day ahead.

This said there are many reasons we do not proactively address this situation.

We hesitate, procrastinate and complain because of one or more of the following:

•    We view work as a means to an end and we are financially comfortable
•    Stability is more important than our job satisfaction
•    Potential exists for advancement due to our years of service
•    Change is difficult and who knows if it will be better somewhere else
•    Present associates are known elements to us
•    Team members are socially important to us
•    Our boss is the main problem
•    The economy is not strong
•    Our confidence and self esteem is low
•    Benefits and pension plan could be lost

Of course this list varies for every individual, but depending on the extent of the list we may conclude we cannot exist for the balance of our working years in JOB HELL!!

This concluded there are two options.

If your list for staying is compelling then you have to find ways to get more out of your current situation.  You can –

•    Get in touch with and be passionate about what you do
•    Look closely at the job for things that will feed your soul
•    Consider your strengths and how you can use them to get more satisfaction
•    Engage with the situation – disengaging just digs a deeper hole
•    Network with your peers and nurture their support and friendship
•    Manage your boss by keeping a step ahead of their needs
•    If you cannot stand your boss “get over it” as this is one thing that is out of your control
•    Take responsibility for your own satisfaction in the job
•    Challenge yourself to improve the outcome of projects
•    Be positive
•    Practice being grateful every day for what keeps you in this job
•    Clarify your job requirements and criteria for advancement opportunities
•    Invest in professional development and self improvement
•    Be a leader
•    Choose your mood and mindset

Now if your list for staying is not compelling enough or you try the above approach and it is still JOB HELL, the second option is to begin the search for a new opportunity.

This requires getting uncomfortable! Having the confidence to move ahead knowing there is a better opportunity for you and that finding it is essential to your well being.

In this instance you can –

•    Start with considering if you were ever really a good fit for the current job
•    This assessment will help you get clarity and find a good fit now
•    What did not work? Was it a values or ethics issue? Was the job not suited to your strengths and abilities?  Did you find the atmosphere toxic?
•    Do tons of research so you really know as much as possible about the companies you are approaching for any new opportunity
•    Know the industry and all the pros and cons about the future for the  industry
•    Try to connect with people in the industry and also within the prominent companies you would consider working for
•    Never move just for the sake of getting out of the current situation

As you get closer to the decision on taking a new job

•    Consider the work environment. Does it really work for you?
•    Consider the hours of work and flexibility. Does that fit?
•    Use your intuition when assessing options
•    Will the new opportunity fill your financial needs?
•    Do you see the possibility for advancement?
•    Do you connect well with the “boss” and feel that you share similar values?
•    Is the company stable and respected in the industry?
•    Will you be able to add value to this organization?
•    Will you be fulfilled with the new challenge?

When you find the very best fit to ensure you are moving from JOB HELL to JOB HEAVEN make the move!

Always remember to leave your current employer on good terms. Give proper notice, appreciate your co-workers and acknowledge the good things about the experience. Be positive!

Look forward to getting up tomorrow excited about the day ahead. Job satisfaction is joyful and a very important part of living an authentic and fulfilling life!


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