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Do you have a *Plan* for 2011?

Posted in Articles by coachdeclute on September 7, 2010

As the last quarter of 2010 approaches, it is essential to take some time to reflect. Reflect on:

•    the successes of the past year

•    the work left to make it everything you planned

•    the dreaming piece about the “big picture” future

•    the thinking about and putting of *PLANS* in place for 2011

Every day, week and month we spend time in action. Time doing the things we know are needed to ensure successful completion of current goals. To ensure we meet all of our personal, family, business or career goals.

However, the action part must be predicated by the dreaming and planning part, otherwise it is like a boat without a rudder. Every business and stage of life is different. Some require much longer lead times for the planning part. For example:

•    Consider the retail business for a moment. The time for planning to have the right quantity and type of inventory on shelves for this Christmas season is a piece of history. Even for Spring 2011, the planning is well advanced or completed and production is started by now. Regardless of all the emphasis on “just in time” fulfillment it is essential to have the dreaming and planning part figured out many seasons ahead!

•    Consider the new home or condo development industry. Builders and developers work way ahead on land acquisition and community planning. They can work a bit closer to the present on the roll out of their marketing plan and sales launch, but that as well is months in advance of the construction phase.  Once again the dreaming and planning piece must be done well in advance or the ability to grow and achieve the “big picture” just won’t happen.

•    Consider entrepreneurial businesses and the importance of their advance planning. The need for excellent communication with their customers or potential customers is critical. Constant attention to identifying means of differentiating themselves from their competitors. A defined program, often called a Signature System that customers easily relate to, recall and appreciate for its added value. Entrepreneurs must be well prepared to provide the service or product components, on a timely basis, if they expect to prosper and achieve the dream they have for their future. Being well prepared requires attention to planning and the building of a “right sized” infrastructure.

•    Consider elements of our personal life that require constant planning and attention. One that is so important is the plan for retirement. This cannot be left to chance or there will be significant disappointments when quality of life is compromised in later years.

In every aspect of life, our ability to make life what we want it to be is dependant on our dreams and then the attention we put into making and executing the plan for achieving them.

Don’t wait until January 1st to define your *PLAN* for 2011. Start now!


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